• How fast do e scooters go?

    Looking for a ride that's simple, economical, and fun? Riding E scooters to travel to a location can be quite fun and convenient. You don't need a driving license to drive one. All you need is some protection, a helmet, and some gear to protect yourself from severe injuries.  But, riding at high speeds just add thrill to the experience. So, how fast do electric scooters go? In...
  • What is an ebike?

    An electric bike, also know as an ebike, is a great invention. That’s all you need to know about it. Ebikes are different from scooters or electric motorcycles.  If you're wondering what it looks like, visit our website. Or, picture a regular bicycle but with a slightly altered frame, then add a few electrical components to it. These components are an electric motor, battery...
  • How to waterproof an ebike?

    If you want to take the daring route that has muddy tracks and huge puddles on the way, you might want to waterproof your ebike. Waterproofing your electric bike is essential to keep it safe from fatal damages. Just imagine having a thousand-dollar bike only to see it getting damaged from water or anything liquid. That's why we give you this guide on how to waterproof an...
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