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TESGO ENTERPRISE (Foldable) - Black


750 W


48V 18Ah

20" X 4"

Mechanical Brakes

TESGO ENTERPRISE (Foldable) - Black
STEP-THROUGH PROFESSIONAL FAT TIRE ELECTRIC BIKE Overview Details How to Install Reviews POWERFUL 750W MOTOR. Enterprise gives you a powerful ride. The motor of the Enterprise has been upgraded to a 750W geared hub motor to give it even more...
Sold Out
Tesgo Challenger E-Bike - BLACK
$2,399.00 $1,995.00

9-speed Sride

500 W


48V 16Ah (768Wh)


Hydraulic Brakes

Tesgo Challenger E-Bike - BLACK
FULL SUSPENSION The Challenger has air suspension as well as four-bar linkage suspension. The air suspension fork design system is made of premium aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy. The four-bar linkage suspension takes the shape of a four-sided polygon from...
$2,399.00 $1,995.00
Tesgo Explorer E-Bike - BLACK
$2,399.00 $2,049.00

7-speed Shimano

750 W


48V 17.5Ah (840Wh)


Hydraulic brakes

Tesgo Explorer E-Bike - BLACK
$2,399.00 $2,049.00

Tesgo ebike Effortless Commuting with Style and Innovation

Get ready for an incredible journey and load hauling experience with the Tesgo ebike. With its strong build, this beast can handle difficult conditions, carry large loads, and offer riders of all shapes and sizes a comfortable ride. Within the quickly changing field of sustainable transportation, electric bikes have become a popular and environmentally responsible substitute for conventional commuting methods. The Tesgo ebike is a standout option among the many available, offering a unique blend of modern style, state-of-the-art technology, and an accessible price point. 

Features & Benefits

Build Quality & Design

The Tesgo ebike has an elegant, contemporary design that skillfully combines functionality and style. The frame strikes a mix between strength and speed thanks to its construction from lightweight yet strong components. The ergonomically designed handlebars and saddle prioritize user comfort, making for a comfortable ride on both short and long commutes.

Electric Powertrain

The Tesgo ebike's electric drivetrain, which offers an effective and environmentally responsible form of mobility, is its essential component. With the help of a dependable battery, the electric motor allows users to switch between full electric mode and assisted cycling. This combination strategy serves a variety of riders, from those who want a fully mechanized ride to those who want an extra push on high climbs.

Battery Life

The battery life of an Tesgo electric bike is an important factor to take into account. With a large capacity battery that offers a longer range on a single charge, the Tesgo ebike dazzles. Commuters don't have to worry about running out of electricity when traveling long distances. Because the battery is so simple to remove, people may effortlessly charge it at home or at work. Moreover, the fast charging capability guarantees less downtime, which makes it a sensible option for everyday usage.

Smart Connectivity

When it comes to smart technology, the Tesgo ebike is up to date. Riders can easily link their devices to the bike thanks to its sophisticated connectivity capabilities. Users can follow their trip, check the battery level, and even adjust their riding preferences with a dedicated app. In addition to improving user experience overall, this degree of connection makes daily commutes more convenient. 

Safety Feature

Any form of transportation must prioritize safety, and the Tesgo ebike meets this need with a number of integrated safety features. The presence of integrated light guarantees visibility in low light, and quick brakes offer dependable stopping power. Modern suspension systems provide the bike even more stability and control, making it a safe option for riders of all skill levels.


The Tesgo ebike easily adjusts to different environments, whether it is being used on off-road trails or city streets. With its responsive handling and sturdy build, riders can comfortably tackle a variety of conditions. Because of its adaptability, users can do almost anything with it, making their everyday commute an adventure.

Eco-friendly Commuting

The Tesgo ebike provides an environmentally beneficial way to commute, in line with the global movement towards sustainable living. Electric bikes help to lessen their negative environmental effects because they produce no emissions and have a small carbon footprint. Now, commuters can have a beneficial impact just by selecting a more environmentally friendly form of transportation.


Despite their growing popularity, many potential consumers are still unable to afford certain kinds of electric bikes. This barrier is broken by the Tesgo ebike, which offers a competitive pricing without sacrificing features or quality. Because of its cost, a wider range of people can choose it, which encourages more people to adopt sustainable commuting.

Tesgo ebike has quickly become well-known in the Canadian market thanks to its cutting-edge electric bike technology, which provides a ground-breaking approach to transportation. Tesgo ebike Canada is a well-known participant in the sustainable transportation industry and has made great progress in offering consumers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option nationwide. Tesgo is a vehicle that has drawn the interest of Canadian consumers looking for a dependable and eco-friendly form of transportation because of its stylish appearance, innovative features, and emphasis on affordability. Tesgo Canada stands out as a top option as more Canadians discover the advantages of electric riding, demonstrating the brand's dedication to improving the Great White North commuter experience.

Comfortable Design

Tesgo has made a name for itself in the electric bike industry by carefully combining form and function. With its sleek and efficient frame that improves the bike's overall performance as well as its visual appeal, the Tesgo ebike is the epitome of modern refinement. Tesgo's designers placed a high priority on user comfort, as seen by the comfortable handlebar and saddle designs, which guarantee a comfortable ride even on long trips. The materials used show a dedication to both light weight and durability, creating a subtle balance that improves the bike's mobility without sacrificing strength.

How to maintain your ebike

Regular cleaning

The Tesgo E-Bike benefits from routine cleaning just like any other bike. To clean the frame, wheels, and other parts, use water and a light detergent. Make sure that the motor is free of dirt and debris that could impair performance.

Battery care

An essential part of your Tesgo ebike is the battery. Make sure to charge it frequently and prevent it from being completely discharged to extend its longevity. Make sure the battery is partially charged before storing your bike for an extended length of time and keep it somewhere cool and dry. Observe the maintenance and charging cycle instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Tire Maintenance

Make sure your tire pressure is in line with the recommended values listed in the user manual by checking it on a regular basis. The handling and performance of your e-bike might be impacted by tires that are either over or under inflated. In addition, look for wear and tear on the tires and repair them as needed.

Brake Inspection

The safety of brakes depends on their efficiency. Check the brake pads frequently for wear and replace them if necessary. Examine the brake cables for any indications of damage or fraying. Make sure that the brakes engage smoothly and steadily by adjusting them.


When it comes to electric bikes, the Tesgo ebike stands out as a leader since it blends price, functionality, and design. With its cutting-edge design, environmentally conscious construction, and dedication to eco-friendly transportation, Tesgo has created a two-wheeled marvel that meets the many demands of contemporary riders. The Tesgo ebike is a monument to the potential of sustainable and pleasurable commutes as we observe the progress of transportation.
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