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OBARTER X1 Pro Motor 1500w Peak - Battery 48v , 21Ah
$1,595.00 $1,475.00

1000W/1500W (Peak)


48V, 21Ah



OBARTER X1 Pro Motor 1500w Peak - Battery 48v , 21Ah
OBARTER X1 Motor 1500w Peak - Battery 48v , 13Ah
$1,595.00 $1,475.00
OBARTER X3 Dual Motor 3500w Peak - Battery 48v , 21Ah
$2,495.00 $2,095.00

2400W/3500W (Peak)


48V 21Ah



OBARTER X3 Dual Motor 3500w Peak - Battery 48v , 21Ah
OBARTER X3 Dual Motor 3500w Peak - Battery 48v , 21Ah    
$2,495.00 $2,095.00
OBARTER X5 Dual Motor 6500w Peak - Battery 60v , 30Ah
$2,955.00 $2,895.00

2800W/6500W (Peak)


60V, 30Ah



OBARTER X5 Dual Motor 6500w Peak - Battery 60v , 30Ah
OBARTER X5 Dual Motor 6500w Peak - Battery 60v , 30Ah
$2,955.00 $2,895.00
OBARTER X7 Dual Motor 9500w Peak - Battery 60v , 60Ah

4000W / 9500W Peak


60V 60Ah


14*5.0-6.5 inch

OBARTER X7 Dual Motor 9500w Peak - Battery 60v , 60Ah
OBARTER X7 Dual Motor 9500w Peak - Battery 60v , 60Ah
Fiat 500 U2 Motor 350w-500w (peak) - Battery 36v , 7.5Ah
$699.00 $475.00

350W/500W (Peak)


36V, 7.5Ah

265 lbs

8.5” x 2 in

Fiat 500 U2 Motor 350w-500w (peak) - Battery 36v , 7.5Ah
Fiat 500 U2 8.5" Brand New 1 Year Frame And 6 Months Motor And Battery  Wheel Foldable Electric Scooter A BETTER WAY TO GET AROUND – Capable of a max speed of 15.5 mph, our 350W Fiat 500 U2 electric scooter...
$699.00 $475.00


Are you ready to revolutionize the way you move through the city?

Electrify Your Ride, Energize Your Life With Escooters At Wow Electric Rides

Welcome to Escooters at WOW Electric Rides - Your trusted place to get escooters! So, are you ready to experience a ride like never before? Say hello to WOW Electric Rides, where we aim to sell high-quality products to our customers. We can not deny that each scooter has its own elegance, benefits, and reasons to buy thus, we offer a wide range of renowned brands. 

Dual the Fun with Top-tier Escooter Brands 

Get everything under one sky, including: 

  • E-scooter
  • WOW Electric Rides
  • Obarter
  • Fiat
  • Miniwalker
  • Kaabo
  • Xiaomi
  • Dualtron

The Benefits of E-Scooters

E-scooters, usually referred to as electric scooters, have quickly become recognised as a cutting-edge and environmentally friendly means of urban mobility. The electric scooter canada offers a variety of benefits for both users and the environment, from lowering carbon footprints to supplying affordable and effective mobility.

Environmentally friendly transportation

Electric scooters are a clean and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional fossil fuel-driven vehicles because they are powered by electricity. In the process of producing no emissions, they help to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, which is helpful in the battle against climate change.

Cost-effective Transportation

E-scooters are a remarkably inexpensive form of mobility when compared to owning a car or taking the bus or train. Due to their low maintenance requirements and lower cost of charging compared to petrol, electric scooters are cost-effective in the long run.

Ease of Use and Convenience

E-scooters were designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. They are a practical option for all age groups because they are simple to use and learn how to use. Finding and utilising an electric scooter for your daily commute has never been easier thanks to the introduction of electric scooter-sharing programmes.

Reduction in Traffic Congestion

In congested cities, e-scooters aid in reducing traffic congestion. Riders can easily manoeuvre through traffic thanks to their small size and agility, which makes commuting quicker and more effective. E-scooters speed up travel times and improve traffic flow by reducing congestion.

Last-Mile Connectivity

E-scooters are perfect for 'last-mile' mobility because they can get you from a public transportation station to your destination quickly and easily. They offer a useful alternative for short-distance travel, helping passengers to get where they're going quickly and without having to make several transfers or take a long walk.

Promotion of Active Lifestyle

An enjoyable and interesting method to stay active is to ride an escooter. It promotes outdoor activities and offers a great way to exercise while travelling or seeing the city. Additionally, the joy of riding can enhance mood and mental health by lowering stress.

Flexibility and Independence

With e-scooters, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. Because you're not restricted by set routes or times, you can take unplanned travels and explore new places at your own pace.

Impact on the Community and the Environment

Communities gain as a result of decreased noise pollution and improved air quality as more people transition to e-scooters. The widespread adoption of e-scooters also fosters a sustainable future by raising environmental awareness and responsibility.

E-scooters represent a lifestyle committed to sustainability, cost-efficiency, and fostering a cleaner and greener planet. 

Why Choose WOW Electric Rides?

Unbeatable Quality Variety: 

At WOW Electric Rides, we have a wide selection of E-scooters & Electric Bikes from the top manufacturers in the sector. We offer the ideal vehicle for you, whether you're an urban commuter or an adventure seeker.

Modern Technology: 

Our e-scooters are powered by cutting-edge technology, offering a comfortable, effective, and environmentally friendly ride. Take advantage of cutting-edge innovations that will make your travels fun and sustainable as we move into the future of mobility.

Stunning designs: 

Who says environmentally sustainable designs can't be fashionable? Everywhere you go, our e-scooters' sleek, contemporary aesthetics will draw attention. As you ride in style and make a statement, you're helping to keep the environment clean.

Convenience at Its Best: 

Our electric scooters make commuting a breeze. Beat the traffic, lessen your environmental impact, and take pleasure in the flexibility of hassle-free city navigation. Leaving behind parking headaches and rising fuel prices.

Lightning-Fast Delivery: 

Get your Electric Scooter in no time. We at WOW Electric Rides are aware of how pressed for time you are to get out on the road with your brand-new e-scooter. To guarantee you get your electric scooter as soon as possible, we've shortened the delivery process.

Affordable and transparent pricing:  

We at WOW Electric Rides are dedicated to improving access to electric mobility by offering fair and transparent pricing. Our goal is to provide you the freedom to embrace the transportation of the future without breaking the wallet.

Experience the WOW Difference: Your Joy, Our Priority!

We are passionate about energising your ride and making every trip put a grin on your face. At WOW, we're dedicated to making sure your experience is nothing less than extraordinary. Our commitment to excellence, open communication, and ongoing support represents our pledge to put your pleasure first. As soon as you decide on WOW Electric Rides, you join our family, and your happiness becomes our first concern. Let's go on an amazing, exhilarating experience together as we join the electric revolution!

Get your WOW Electric Ride today, and let's electrify how we move!

Choose wisely and join WOW Electric Rides in embracing the electric revolution. Finding the ideal e-scooter to fit your needs and lifestyle is a snap, thanks to our wide selection of brands and models. Make the first move towards a future that is greener and more sustainable.

Learn to enjoy smooth movement, the rush of speed, and the satisfaction of making the world a better place. 

Reach out, and let's power up your questions, suggestions, or inquiries!

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