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Xiaomi Navee N65 - Motor: 500w~1000w Peak
$1,199.00 $1,095.00

500W/1000W (Peak)


48V, 12.5Ah

265lbs (120KG)


Xiaomi Navee N65 - Motor: 500w~1000w Peak
NAVEE N65 10" Wide Tire Foldable Electric Scooter    10" * 3" Tube Off-Road Wide Pneumatic Tires Strong Grip, Wear-resisting and Safe. It's Suitable for Different Kinds of Roads. Innovative Dual Rotation System Innovative dual rotation system, which adhere to...
$1,199.00 $1,095.00

Redefine your daily commute with Xiaomi scooter!

Scooters have long held a special place in the realm of personal transportation, offering a unique combination of convenience, efficiency, and a touch of exhilaration. An electric scooter is a two-wheeled vehicle equipped with an electric motor. It is designed for personal transportation and operates on a rechargeable battery rather than conventional gasoline. Electric scooters have gained popularity as a viable and efficient alternative to traditional gas-powered scooters or motorcycles, with a cleaner and quieter alternative. Many companies introduced their electric scooters after e scooters gained popularity. Xiaomi also introduced its e scooters. Xiaomi scooters are more sustainable and efficient. In this article, we'll explore the remarkable features of the Xiaomi Electric Scooter, with a focus on one of its most remarkable models – the Xiaomi Navee N65.

The Xiaomi Scooter embodies the ideal blend of style, functionality, and eco-friendliness. This e-scooter is designed for the modern citizen, providing a convenient and efficient mode of transportation that not only reduces carbon footprint but also enhances an element of fun to your daily commute. These scooters are not only driven by men but also by women. These electric scooters are more popular in women than men. Through electric scooters, women can travel easily without being dependent on others. Xiaomi scooters are helpful to females because they are easily to use without any complicated functions. 

Key Features of Xiaomi scooters:

Portability: The Xiaomi Scooter is easily folded, making it a portable device for last-mile commuting. Whether you're using public transport or storing it in the office, its compact design ensures effortless mobility. 

Powerful Motor: The Xiaomi E Scooter is equipped with a robust electric motor that provides a smooth and swift riding experience. The motor's efficiency is complemented by a high-capacity battery, providing a remarkable range of charges on a single charge.

Smart Connectivity: Xiaomi doesn't stop at functionality; the Electric Scooter has smart connectivity features. By using a mobile app, users can monitor their scooter's performance, check battery status, and even modify ride settings.

Environmentally friendly: One of the primary advantages of Xiaomi scooters is their eco-friendly nature. They produce no emissions during operation, resulting in efforts to reduce air pollution and combat climate change.

Quite operation: Xiaomi scooters operate quietly compared to their gas-powered counterparts. The absence of a combustion engine reduces noise pollution, resulting in them being more suitable for urban areas.

Smart Features: Modern Xiaomi scooters often feature smart features such as Bluetooth connectivity and mobile apps. These features may enable riders to monitor battery levels, track their rides, and even modify certain settings.

Regenerative Braking: Some Xiaomi scooters utilize regenerative braking systems, which can restore and store energy during braking. This feature enhances the overall effectiveness of the scooter and enhances its range.

Affordable and Low Maintenance: Scooters typically offer a more affordable option compared to larger vehicles, both in terms of initial purchase and ongoing maintenance costs. With simplified mechanics and fewer components than cars, scooters are generally more efficient to maintain, contributing to their popularity among budget-conscious riders. This accessibility makes scooters an attractive option for students, young professionals, and anyone seeking a cost-effective way to reach their destination.

Help in earning: Electric scooters are not only helps in traveling but you can also earn by using your electric scooter. You can register your electric vehicle with any online food delivery service, and you can deliver food through your e-scooter. It does not cost you much to maintain your scooter and it also helps you in earning. 

Xiaomi Navee N65:

Now let’s talk about the Xiaomi Navee N65. It has an advanced navigating system. Its integrated GPS technology ensures that riders can plan routes, receive real-time traffic updates, and navigate smoothly, making it a reliable companion for daily commuting. This model of Xiaomi scooters has a built-in safety feature such as anti-lock braking and LED light to navigate easily. This model of Xiaomi scooters also comes with a sleek design which can easily integrate into urban lifestyle. 


In a world where sustainable and efficient transportation is essential, Xiaomi scooters emerge as signs of progress. The Xiaomi Scooter, with its impressive features, and the Navee N65, with its smart navigation system, demonstrate the brand's commitment to revolutionizing urban mobility. As we embrace the future of commuting, Xiaomi stands at the forefront, offering a ride that is not only environmentally conscious but also a joy to experience.

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