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What is an e-bike & What is the benefit of electric bikes?

What clicks on your mind when someone called out the name "eBikes"? Well! Many people consider the electric bicycle as a scooter or electric motorcycle. But they are pretty different in reality, though. Just imagine a regular bicycle, holding several electrical components to it like an engine, a battery, and a control panel – all seamlessly blended into the structure. These things build up the fundamentals of all e-bicycles on the market!

If you're wondering what it looks like, take an example of the WOW Electric Bike Trinity 4 and WOW Electric BIKE NEO-3F that holds fantastic power output and sleek design, letting you flee on the saddle. From taking this idea you will come to know that why Electric bike technology has risen at a pace in the last couple of years. Well! In this blog, we’ll clarify what an e-bike is, how an electric bike works, and what perks you can get from it. After getting the answers you will be able to spend on a fantastic bike on the go. So, read on!

What is an e-bike?

Before you learn the benefits of an e-bike, you should jump into the basics for a moment to know what is an e-bike. Generally, e-bikes are a blend of two terms: "e" which refers to electronical, and "bike" which refers to bicycle. It implies that an electric bike, or e-bike, is a bicycle fitted with an electric motor to help you when you’re pedaling. The motor will get its energy from a rechargeable battery ascended on the bike.

You might also listen to e-bikes called pedelecs. It is simply another name for e-bikes where the control is activated on pedaling rather than by throttle. Electric bikes offer several ways to choose from, permitting you to balance the amount of energy supplied through the pedals with capacity and battery life. You can say that bikes are the best invention of this era!

What are the Benefits of E-Bikes?

Now, it is time to talk about the perks of having an e-bike. But before, we want you to know that there exist a bunch of different models of Ebikes. Also, specifications can vary significantly, and motors found on a bike will lean on its price and the style of riding intended. For example, our WOW Electric Bike Trinity 4 got favored for long rides with vertical climbs in your tour planning, whereas our WOW Electric BIKE NEO 5 and WOW Electric BIKE NEO 5F got based on high-spec preferred for off-road drifts. However, let's learn how an eBike can add quality to your life.

Ebikes are environmentally friendly.

Nothing sticks to mind that an e-bike is more satisfactory for the environment than regular gas-powered automobiles. It doesn't make them 100% environment-friendly, but still, it's way better than other transport means. It's because power got required when assembling the components such as the battery, frame, brakes, and electric motor. Electric-powered bikes are still not a familiar thing in Canada and US. So, e-bikes can pretty much change the future when used in other countries that gulp tons of petrol. 

Ebikes make cycling more inclusive.

Any bicycle lover will be capable of exhaling the virtues of a good bicycle. But what about the access barrier as you get older or if you have any fitness issues? For someone returning to the saddle after health ailments, it can be challenging than before. Well! Electric bikes especially our latest model - WOW Electric BIKE NEO-2Velo - let more people take up or resume to cycle into much subsequently energy. You can set yourself free with the batteries that make about 350-500 watts of power giving your bike a capacity between 10 to 30 miles, and a top speed of 10 to 15 miles per hour. You can also do free-wheeling at some points.

Ebikes allow for sustained aerobic exercise.

It's not a new thing to know many people rush their daily routines and couldn't make time - after that hectic dose - to perform aerobic exercises. To cut this slack off, e-bikes come in handy. For those, who need a tiny boost to make the goals sustainable, electric bikes are helping them nicely. With a slow peddle, letting them with high elevations, with loads and over distances.

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