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Why NCM is one of the best electric bikes in Canada?

When it comes to the best electric bike in Canada, NCM is the obvious answer. Due to its reliability, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution for its customers. NCM offers a wide variety of e-bikes, including mountain bikes, trekking bikes, and foldable bikes. Usually, the primary concern for people when they hear about electric bikes is low performance and high prices. NCM takes care of its customer needs by providing high-quality and innovative design electronic bikes at affordable prices. This article will explore why customers in Canada prefer NCM electric bikes.

What is NCM?

NCM is an electric bike manufacturer company based in Germany. It has networks and subsidiaries spread in major countries of Europe like Canada, Australia, and other European countries. Its network includes Leon Cycle, which makes it possible to supply NCM electric bikes to Canada. NCM produces diverse types of bikes covering segments of mountain bikes, cruising bikes, city bikes, foldable bikes, and city bikes. It takes pride in delivering e-bikes on durability, high quality, and reliability principles.

Why NCM e-bikes are famous in Canada

NCM is the global icon and customer favorite for high-quality and affordable electric bikes. In Canada, customers consider NCM e-bikes superior to their competitors like Eunorau and Ecotric. Following are some of the reasons, which make NCM bikes famous in Canada:

#1: Quality Customer Service

NCM takes care of its customers by providing quality service. Firstly, the vast network of subsidiaries and dealers offer consultation to their customers to help them find the best bikes for them. Secondly, NCM provides one year warranty for its batteries, motor, display, light, and controller. The frame of bikes has a two-year contract which ensures customers that NCM is serious about customer satisfaction.

#2: Affordable Price

When customers think about electric-powered bikes, they consider them costly, This was true in the past, But NCM provides quality electric bikes at affordable prices. The management of NCM cares for its target audience by providing low-cost, quality bikes for low-income individuals. NCM aims to create an environmentally-friendly commute by reducing dependence on automobiles.

#3: Reliable Electric System

One of the concerns of the general public when it comes to buying electric bikes is the durability of the motor and batteries. NCM uses DEHAWK batteries which are known for their prolonged-lasting use. You can go to the office or the market without getting sweaty on an NCM electric bike. NCM uses a motor from Das-kit, leading the electric bike market. They offer electric kits to convert your traditional bikes into electric bikes.

#4: Environment friendly

As environmental concern and awareness are increasing worldwide, People are more concerned about protecting the environment by reducing carbon emissions, a byproduct of automobiles. While people are going for electric vehicles, e-bikes provide a much cost-effective and environment-friendly solution for people in Canada. And when they think of cost-effective, high-quality, and durable electric bikes, NCM is the most popular and obvious choice.

Best NCM E-bikes

NCM provides a wide variety of electric bikes, including commuter, foldable, and mountain bikes. The research and development department in NCM constantly focuses on creating innovative technologies to provide the best customer experience. Some of the best NCM electronic bikes are as follows:

#1: NCM F1000

 The NCM F1000 is a fat tire bike specially made for racing down the streets. NCM F1000 runs for every surface, from running on beeches to cross mountain turns. NCM F1000 has a 250W Das-kit battery for more extended range cycling. The F series provides foldable bike capability to make it portable to put in the car's trunk to travel to any place.

#2: NCM T720

The NCM T720 has a beautiful display to show you essential parameters. It displays power, range, and power output. The NCM T720 comes with a 15AH battery that provides 150km per range, but it can be upgraded to 21AH, enhancing the power to the 200km range. It has fantastic features like Brown selle royal Grips and comfortable saddle, making your travel comfortable. NCM T720 Front and backlights to make night travel possible and exciting.

#3: NCM T1000

The NCM T1000 is a fat bike and has a powerful drive system with a highly long bold design. It has a battery capacity of 48V15Ah with up to 150km power range. It has a Das-kit C7 LCD to show you power and speed. It provides freedom against all surfaces like beeches, mountains, and deserts.

#4: NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike

The NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike, has a high power output of a 500w motor and a top speed of 20mph. It has a 48ah lithium battery pack with a USB charging port for your mobile phones. This LCD Das-kit displays all the information you need for your weekend adventures.

#5: NCM Milano Electric City Bike

The NCM Milano Electric City bike has new Milano technology with innovative features to make it the best electric bike in Canada. The new Milano technology doesn't have a flat battery; Rather battery is installed in a tube of the e-bike. It has an X15 geared hub motor with a 250w electric battery, which provides a high speed of 15.5mph. These features with a cushiony seat make it the best electric bike for your travels.

What do we offer?

To conclude, due to the various variety and innovative technology and quality customer services, which is the priority of NCM. It makes it the number one choice for people in Canada. If you are thinking to get one for yourself, think about us! We at WOW Entertainment For Life sell a variety of NCM branded ebikes and WOW electric bikes of top quality at affordable prices. Besides, we sell electric scooters, electric appliances, and most importantly, electric bikes, offering you the freedom to add perfection to your life. You can visit our website and contact us for more details. Just inform us what you're looking for, and we will help you make the right purchase.
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