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How fast do e scooters go?

Looking for a ride that's simple, economical, and fun? Riding E scooters to travel to a location can be quite fun and convenient. You don't need a driving license to drive one. All you need is some protection, a helmet, and some gear to protect yourself from severe injuries. 

But, riding at high speeds just add thrill to the experience. So, how fast do electric scooters go? In this blog, we answer that question in detail. 

Why electric scooters? 

People prefer e scooters over regular bicycles for many reasons. They can help you get anywhere faster and easier than your regular bicycle. They're a lot safer and more comfortable to avoid traffic. You won't break a sweat, especially when it comes to driving up hills. And you don't need to learn a lot. 

How fast can e scooters for adults go?

An e scooter built for an adult can top 32 kph. However, e scooter batteries have got more juice now due to recent technological improvements. Some studies have shown that e scooters can hit the 50 kph mark. That's how fast e scooters for adults can go.

Of course, the max speed of an electric scooter is a lot lower than a car's max speed. However, you got to think about the context. You can certainly not drive a 100 kph consistently inside the city. You'll always have to wait for the signal to turn green, wait for the traffic to clear, or abide by the law. If you're a person looking for freedom, then electric scooters are the way to go. You won't have to stop your e scooter as much as you would if you drive a car.

How fast do kids e scooters go?

On average, kids can ride up to 24 kph, with the top speed being 28 kph on a single charge. Why are they slower? Firstly, kids will always be at risk of accidents. Secondly, it's the law. That's why manufacturers design different models of e scooters for different age groups. 


If your kid wants to ride an e scooter, the last thing you want is your kid bumping onto the sweet old lady feeding pigeons at the park. It's necessary to ensure safety for your kids. You should buy the right electric scooter for your kids and train them to prevent future accidents. 

Electric scooter speed based on motor power and battery

The speed depends on the size and punch of the motor power and battery. A bigger capacity battery will power the motor better, which in turn helps the electric scooter go faster. 

Here's a list of different speeds for different motor power parameters:

  • For a 90 to 120 Watt powered motor, the top speed is about 8 kph to 12 kph.
  • For a 250 to 350 Watt powered motor, the top speed is 25 kph to 30 kph.
  • For a 350 to 500 Watt powered motor, the top speed is 30 kph to 32 kph
  • For a motor with a power of more than 500 Watts, the top speed can touch the 50 kph mark. 

How to make e scooters go faster?

There are several things you need to consider if you want to have a fast ride. The weight of the frame, the quality of tires, and the battery capacity. 

The frame's weight

If the frame of the electric scooter is heavy, it would be harder to touch top speeds. Both the motor and battery will need more energy to keep a consistent top speed. When buying e scooters, make sure you consider the weight of the frame by checking the product details. 

Quality of tires and battery capacity

Good quality tires can maintain pressure. Bad ones may deflate a lot quicker, thus cause more friction between the ground and the surface of the tires. 

A battery with a larger capacity means that it stores more energy, thus giving more power to electric motors. Hence easier to ride at top speeds consistently. 

WOW e scooters

Out of the eleven e scooters we have for sale, the WOW Synergy 1200W - Dual is our top contender. That e scooter packs a punch! Though our most expensive one, it comes with more than twice the power and oomph as compared to the ones half the price. 

This electric scooter comes with two 1200 watt powered electric motors, thus can reach speeds of up to 70 kph, with a range of 60 kilometers. To top it all off, the frame is only weighing 92 lbs. and is capable of holding an adult up to 330 lbs. Just imagine how seamless the riding experience will be! You can contact us for more details or buy Synergy now.

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