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What is an ebike?

An electric bike, also know as an ebike, is a great invention. That’s all you need to know about it. Ebikes are different from scooters or electric motorcycles. 

If you're wondering what it looks like, visit our website. Or, picture a regular bicycle but with a slightly altered frame, then add a few electrical components to it. These components are an electric motor, battery and brakes. So to keep you from waiting, let us tell you about how ebikes work. 

How does an ebike work?

Three components work together to give the rider a seamless experience: the battery, electric motor, and brakes. 

The battery

The battery gives all the juice to the brakes and the electric motor. If you don't want to pedal then the battery will start giving power to the electric bike. The battery will help you ride along and have a therapeutic riding experience.

Typically, batteries make about 350-500 watts of power giving your ebike a range between 10 to 40 miles between charges, and a top speed of 10 to 20 miles per hour. You can increase the travel range by pedaling or free-wheeling at some moments. 

The electric motor

Electric motors can be integrated inside the frame or built into the hub of the back or front wheel. Its main job is to help the wheels spin and assist you in pedaling as well. Think of the motor as the ebike's engine. That's the point of having an electric motor. 

There are different models of electric motors. Some are integrated inside the frame. While others are located at the center of the frame or the back wheel. It all depends on what ebike model you wish to buy. You can check out what we have in stock by clicking here.  

Speaking of different models, you usually will find two different types of ebikes, full-power and power-assist. Full-power ebikes function for minimal pedaling over a short distance. Power-assist, also known as pedal-assist, are kind of like hybrid cars. They're designed to be pedaled for most of the journey and are electrically powered whenever you're feeling tired.

The brakes

Some electric bikes have a thing called regenerative braking. This means that when you use your brakes, it charges your ebike battery. In practice, it doesn't seem much as ebikes are lightweight thus having low velocity. This neat trick comes in handy whenever you ride down the hills. You'll have to use your brakes a lot down the hill to charge the battery fully. Nevertheless, it's a capable feature to help you get that extra mile in before you run out of juice. 

The frame

The frame of an ebike is also slightly different. It's made from lightweight aluminum alloy. Of course, lighter frames will ride the fastest and will require less battery, thus giving you more miles. 

What makes the frame different is that it's designed to be very durable. The spokes on the wheel are thicker so that they can withstand top speeds. It is still heavier than a traditional bicycle, however. 

H2: Ebikes are environmentally friendly

No question comes to mind that an ebike is way better for the environment than a typical gas-powered car. It doesn't make them 100% environment-friendly though. In fact, no product or service will ever be a hundred percent eco-friendly. It's because energy is required when producing the components. In this case, the battery, frame, brakes, and electric motor. 

However, in the long run, if people make ebikes their mode of transport, then the well-being of the Earth will get better. Electric-powered cars are still not a common thing outside the US and Canada. So, ebikes can very much change the fate of the Earth when used in other countries that consume a lot of petrol.  

What we offer

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People often think of expense when they hear the word electric bike. At WOW, we like to change that common misconception. We assure you that you'll get your money's worth as we never compromise on quality and our strong selling point is the value for money we provide. So, contact us now and find the perfect match!

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