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How to get Netflix on Android TV Box

No question comes to mind about Netflix being the popular streaming service in the world. Netflix users make up a whopping 50% of subscribers of other video streaming services. 

So most likely, you're a Netflix subscriber or are considering trying Netflix out and have Movie Mondays with your family or friends. And what better way to have Movie Mondays than streaming Netflix on your Android TV Box.

In this blog, we'll show you how to get Netflix on Android TV Box, where to download it, and what to do if you're getting an error.  

How to get Netflix on Android TV Box

Installing Netflix on your Android TV Box can be done by either of these methods below, depending on your particular Android TV Box. 

Installing from Google Play Store

Using the Google Play Store is the quickest and easiest way on how to get Netflix on Android TV Box. Sadly, Netflix has figured out that some Android TV Boxes are uncertified. This option may not be available for your Android TV Box if it's uncertified because Netflix isn't compatible with this type of box. If you want the easy way out, why not consider buying the Android Hera by WOW Entertainment for Life

Sideloading Netflix for Android APK

In case you're getting an error message indicating that your Android TV Box isn't compatible or the Google Play store isn't accessible, then this is your only option. But not to worry, this guide will help you on how to get Netflix on Android TV Box.

How to install Netflix using Google Play Store

If your Android TV Box is compatible or if it's the Android Hera by WOW, then congrats! It's is the easiest method out of the two. Turn on your Android TV Box and open the Google play store. Type Netflix in the search box. Then click on the Netflix app and click install. The app will download and install on your TV Box. 

How to Sideload the Netflix APK

If you can't find Netflix on Google Play, your device isn't compatible, or your device doesn't have the Google Play Store application, then you'll have to stick to the second method. Though it sounds hard and cumbersome, it's not once you finish reading our guide on how to get Netflix on Android TV Box. 

The first step is to "allow the installation of apps from unknown sources." Allowing it will allow you to download and install apps from "non-official" sources. Go to settings, then go to security and click "Unknown Sources."

Then open the downloaded file using the file manager on your Android TV Box. Select install and accept any prompts that come up. 

And that's the end of our guide on how to get Netflix on Android TV Box.  

Android TV Box from WOW

At WOW, we offer you the Android - Hera, WE-STA300D. It's not just like any Android TV Box, it's a sleek and compact box that bodes well for minimalist enthusiasts. 

Although small, this box is packed with performance and functionality. First of all, it's Android 9.0, has a 4 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM. It uses Dual-Wifi technology giving you a fast streaming experience as it catches high-speed internet. But if you want faster, then it also has an Ethernet port. That's not all, the Android Hera has all the ports you'll ever need: SPDIF, HDMI, AV, IR Extender, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0.

To enhance the ultimate multimedia experience in your life, it comes with a built-in Multi-Screen Function that allows you to stream your phone, tablet, or laptop screen on your TV. It also works with Google Assistant, so you don't have to click n' type all the time. 

The box comes with an IR plus Voice remote control, power supply adapter, HDMI data cable, and user manual. This box has been rated 5 out of 5 stars based on six reviews. Click here to have a look.

If you understood our guide on how to get Netflix on Android TV Box, you should buy the Android Hera by WOW.

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