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How to waterproof an ebike?

If you want to take the daring route that has muddy tracks and huge puddles on the way, you might want to waterproof your ebike. Waterproofing your electric bike is essential to keep it safe from fatal damages. Just imagine having a thousand-dollar bike only to see it getting damaged from water or anything liquid. That's why we give you this guide on how to waterproof an ebike?

Waterproofing your ebike by using spray

To keep the electronics safe, you'll need to get yourself an electronics-safe spray to make them water-resistant. According to many ebike enthusiasts like yourself, the best and most reliable spray is the ACF50 SPRAY. It's a common product used for aircraft maintenance and repair. Its effect lasts up to at least two years before another spray is needed. You can easily find this at your local store or even online. There are other alternatives like "Corrosion X" or "Neverwet." Nevertheless, ACF50 goes all the way.  

Waterproofing using waterproofing tape

Ebikes have a lot of wires that connect the battery to the motor and the controller. They're located on the ebike frame, thus are exposed to rain and splashed water. So using silicone self-fusing tape is the way to tackle this problematic issue. The silicone self-fusing tape is stretchy and very sticky but fortunately doesn't leave any residue when removed. Disclaimer, the silicone self-fusing tape is the actual waterproofing product. 

Using Marine-grade, heat shrink wire insulation

Although a very long name, you can easily find it on eBay or Amazon. You can also find it at your hardware store. You can find various brands of marine-grade, heat shrink insulation in many different colours. They're dirt cheap and can save waterproof the essential electrical wiring of your ebike. You can also find them in assorted sizes but, in case you're not sure, it's best to go to your local hardware store and ask for guidance. 

Seal your ebike motor internals for high humidity conditions

Humidity can be just as bad as rain. Why? Well, imagine tiny ants crawling inside your phone and just eating up the internals so your smartphone will slowly die. That's how bad and annoying humidity can get. The temperature condenses the air into tiny water drops that can get inside your ebike motor. This happens when a hot motor cools down. A cooler motor draws in humid air so, the motor rusts overnight. 

There are ways to prevent this. Some people have tried to seal the motor but so far, the attempts have been in vain. For such conditions, we recommend adding small drain holes and coating the inside of the motor. Such methods are also used on vehicles too so you can ask your local garage workshop or even your hardware store to get the right products for the job. 

Potting electrical components

If you want to achieve the most extreme waterproofing possible for your ebike, then start "potting" the electrical components. This isn't a DIY task, you'll have to take your ebike to a garage, or an ebike repair shop and ask them to waterproof the high-end electricals. 

In case you were wondering, potting means that once the electrical components have been tested and are functional, they are covered and filled with a goo that hardens, thus giving that waterproof armour to your ebike. This method is the hardest and may not be needed, but it's never wrong to play safe with your ebike

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