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Electric Bike Buyers Guide for 2021

The launch of the first electric bike was back in 1932. Since then, it has evolved from a riding luxury to a convenient means of travelling. Lots of thought is being put into the development of e-bikes, such as making batteries smaller, giving them more powerful, and making them easy to handle through design renovations. Because of this, there are lots of e-bike brands competing with each other to sell their e-bikes to you. All you have to do is choose the one that suits your needs. 

Fortunately, we provide you with the ultimate buyer’s guide to help you make the right buying decision. This guide is based on the electric bike reviews we received, thus providing you with the relevant information that most riders are concerned with. 

Types of Electric Bike Motors

In general, e-bikes use a small motor that helps the rider in pedalling. Typically, the top average assisted speed is 15.5 mph but, this can vary according to different laws in countries. The law decides how much power a motor can have. In the UK, you’re only allowed to have it with a power of up to 250 watts. In the USA, the law allows for up to 750 watts. Therefore, when choosing an e-bike, you’ll need to confirm if it obeys the e-bike laws of the country you live in. 

The Electric Hub Motor

This particular motor is commonly used in e-bikes. Due to the affordability of electric hub motors, they are more common in the budget than mid-range electric bikes, like the NEO-3F electric bike. Though the torque it gives is on the lower side, what makes it special is its overall weight. The whole motor weighs just around 3.6 kg. Its light-weightiness doesn’t compromise its reliability as it can withstand tough conditions. 

The Mid-Drive Electric Motor

These motors are elite in terms of durability, power, and innovation. They’re usually integrated into specially designed frames. The mid-drive motor transfers power to the rear wheel by using the gearing functionality in an electric bike. This function makes it energy efficient, and it also gives a higher torque output making it especially suitable for mountain biking. Though expensive, they sure do have a lot to give in return. 

Electric Bike batteries

According to the reviews we received, perhaps the biggest concern of electric bike customers is the battery’s quality. Recently, lithium battery technology has improved thanks to the amount of thought given to innovation and design. Most batteries are smaller and lightweight; hence you’ll find them integrated into the bike’s frames. Though smaller in size, they have a lot of juice. To buy the electric bike with the best battery life, you should note the “Wh” figure given in the technical specifications. The higher the number, the greater its potential range. 

Choosing the right size

Last but certainly not least, buying the right electric bike for your size. E-bikes vary in size due to different designs in the frame. Some e-bikes are made for children, some are made for average adults, and some can be specifically designed for a very tall individual. 

If you’re new in the e-bike community, we would suggest you go to your local bicycle shop, and try out their options. This will help you get an idea of the ideal bike size for you. 

Buying an Electric Bike from WOW

We offer a range of different e-bikes to make it easier for you to choose one. Each of our electric bikes has a unique ability and function. We have off-road, on-road and even mountain e-bikes in stock. If you need further guidance, contact us and let us know what you're looking for in an electric bike. We'll help you in making the right decision.

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