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  • What is an e-bike & What is the benefit of electric bikes?

    What is an e-bike & What is the benefit of electric bikes?
    What clicks on your mind when someone called out the name "eBikes"? Well! Many people consider the electric bicycle as a scooter or electric motorcycle.
  • How fast do e scooters go?

    Looking for a ride that's simple, economical, and fun? Riding E scooters to travel to a location can be quite fun and convenient. You don't need a driving license to drive one. All you need is some protection, a helmet, and some gear to protect yourself from severe injuries.  But, riding at high speeds just add thrill to the experience. So, how fast do electric scooters go? In...
  • What is an ebike?

    An electric bike, also know as an ebike, is a great invention. That’s all you need to know about it. Ebikes are different from scooters or electric motorcycles.  If you're wondering what it looks like, visit our website. Or, picture a regular bicycle but with a slightly altered frame, then add a few electrical components to it. These components are an electric motor, battery...
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