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WOW 4-in-1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones & Flip-out Speakers

Are you tired of spending a good minute just untangling your headphones before you can actually start listening? We know that you don’t want to be caught up in all the wires in a world that is going wireless. Being your go-to entertainment providers, we don’t want you to look outdated either. So, we looked into the depths of your heart and brought up the WE-HP10, just for you!

The WE-HP10 is not just another pair of headphones, it is a whole experience. Its ergonomic design sits extremely comfortably around your ears. Also, the lightweight body combined with the carefully crafted weight distribution ensures you never get tired of wearing your favorite headphones. The WE-HP10 also provides a seamless listening experience over 10 meters; so, nothing comes between you and your music. Moreover, the large 900mAh battery paired with rapid charging never lets your music stop.

Why should you get the WE-HP10?
The WE-HP10 is for anyone who is looking for a solid over-the-head headphones without breaking the bank. Let’s be honest, no one wants to end up bankrupt after just buying a pair of headphones. The listening experience of WE-HP10 is unparalleled in its price category. It has all the bells and whistles of a great pair of headphones with an unmatchable price tag. Moreover, its convertible bluetooth speaker functionality makes sure the fun is not always limited to you; you can be the DJ and show off your music to your friends and family. As a cherry on top of this already loaded sundae, you get a hard case as well; so, your headphones never lose their style, even when you are not wearing them.

WE-HP10 Features

The WE-HP10 is as feature packed as headphones come. No matter the situation you’re in, the WE-HP10 ensures the music never stops. Looking simply at the headphones that you get in the box, you’ll be nothing short of being amazed.

  • Cool colors

The WE-HP10 comes in four colors: black and silver for your timeless elegant look, and blue and brown to complement your funky attitude. So, whatever your taste, the WE-HP10 is well equipped to match your vibe. Moreover, the WE-HP10 is not an all show and no substance device.

  • Sleek design

The chassis of the headphones is constructed from premium materials, making no compromise on the quality that is WOW Entertainment’s promise. Its ergonomic design not only makes it a good companion for your chill me-time sessions, but it’s also perfect for gaming. The headphones sit so well on your head that you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

  • Noise Cancellation

The premium build of the WE-HP10 also helps in noise-cancellation, giving you an immersive experience like never before. Whether you are in an aeroplane, a bus, or a noisy shopping mall, you can enjoy your music just like it’s meant to be.

Most other noise-cancelling devices use active circuitry to perform this function. However, the WE-HP10 is intrinsically made of materials and designs which reduce noise. Its effective noise cancellation feature allows you to use your headphones to mute the rest of the world and dive deep into your own sphere.

  • Convertible speakers

The 4 in 1 WE-HP10 not only serve as headphones but are also convertible to speakers. Go anywhere and become the life of the party by its amazingly powerful speakers. You don’t have to carry an extra set of speakers while carrying these intricately crafted headphones.

  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0

On the inside, the WE-HP10 seems like a thing from the future. It is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0. This not only means amazing sound quality, but also minimum latency. So, when you are gaming, you can hear enemy footsteps so accurately, you’ll be having chicken dinners for the rest of your life.

  • Dedicated SD-card slot

You also get an SD-card option when you want to play music right from your headphones. That is not all, the WE-HP10 also comes with a built-in FM radio option. With the WE-HP10 you can enjoy all your favorite radio shows without missing a beat.

  • Powerful battery life

The 700 mAh battery goes as long as you can go without sleep. The battery lasts for 12-14 hours when charged fully. This acts as your perfect work companion and an amazing friend while studying, not to forget the amazing experience it gives while gaming. You might get tired and take a break from all the exhaustion but your WE-HP10 won’t stop for a second.

  • Rapid Charging

The biggest catch is that you don’t have to wait for long hours for it to charge. The fast charger allows rapid charging that lasts for several hours. If you are looking for wireless Bluetooth headphones that last longer than your working capacity, then this must be your top pick.

  • Lightweight and portable

The new WE-HP10 is the best travel companion you can ask for. It will not complain about the exhaustion of the journey and recharge your battery with its amazing beats. You don’t have to worry about the space as it neatly folds into a small ball-shaped object. Its lightweight body and portability allows you to carry it almost everywhere in your hand-carry.

How does the new WE-HP10 work?

The WOW WE-HP10 is a very thoughtfully crafted device for a very user-friendly experience. It is a device with 4 different functionalities for the users to get an all-in-one device that they can carry anywhere and everywhere.

These wireless bluetooth headphones with Hi-Fi stereo sound and a deep base enable you leave the messy, wirey setup and go wireless with an unparalleled quality of music. You can go more than 50 meters far from the parent device without worrying about the bluetooth connectivity.

With a system to support SD cards, you can listen to your favourite playlist directly from your memory card. It also supports FM and can be converted to an FM radio whenever need be. The active noise cancellation feature instantly generates a ‘mirror anti-noise signal’ that cancels out all the noise in the signal and considerably reduces the noise.

This not only gives you a premium music experience but also helps you tune the world out during a bus/ aeroplane journey or a shopping spree at a mall. These WE-HP10 headphones can be converted into high performance speakers by simply flipping them out.

What is inside the box?

The box contains a hard case to carry the headphones around comfortably. Then there’s the headphones, of course. The box also comes with a warranty card ensuring your peace of mind that you can claim warranty in case of any technical faults.

On the headphones, there is a power indicator that tells you when to charge your powerful WE-HP10 headphones. Moreover, the volume buttons, change mode and power buttons are placed very carefully so you have a hassle-free headphones experience. 

Who should buy the WOW WE-HP10 headphones?

If you are a music enthusiast who is tired of untangling wires, you must have these super powerful and uber classic headphones. These headphones provide the best gaming experience, their base and stereo sound makes it impossible for you to even miss a microsecond. They will add a cool and fun vibe to your personality that will make you stand out in the crowd.

WOW WE-HP10 headphones are highly recommended for anybody who is looking for premium quality wireless Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancellation, portable wireless speakers or a headset with a sleek design and extreme comfort level in an unbelievably affordable price.

Where can you buy WE-HP10 from?

We highly recommend you getting these from the official WOW website. WOW is one of the leading technology brands based in Canada that provides worldwide shipping to its customers.

You can shop these amazing headphones at an unbelievably discounted price of $89 from their original website. These headphones serve as a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays and even as Valentine’s to your friends, family, and people you care for. Shop now to make your loved ones feel cared for or gift these cool buddies to yourself for being the cool person you are!

How is WE-HP10 better than its competitors?

WE-HP10 offers functionalities that are hard to find at this price point. The 4 in 1 deal of these powerful headphones stun you beyond your imagination. They not only act as wireless bluetooth headphones providing a balance of a crisp high and deep base but also act as powerful party speakers for you to carry on-the-go. Flipping the headphones inside out transitions them into high power speakers that bring life into the party.

With a slot dedicated for SD-card, you can listen to your favourite music by directly plugging your playlist via SD-card. Moreover, the active noise cancelling feature gives you the freedom to mute the outside world and focus on the goods around you. The best part about WE-HP10 is that it comes at an astounding price of $89. If you are looking for premium quality headphones at an affordable price, you’d find no better option than WE-HP10!

Summary of Pros and Cons

Here is a pro-con list for your better judgement and to help you in your decision making process!


  • Clear crisp highs with decent base
  • Convertible to a high performance speaker
  • A dedicated slot for SD card
  • Compatibility for FM radio
  • Folds neatly for easy portability
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Sleek design
  • Perfect positioning of buttons
  • Affordable price of $89
  • Comes with a hard case
  • Built-in mic
  • 700 mAh battery that goes a long way
  • Rapid charging


  • Doesn’t have a detachable mic
  • No software based noise cancellation


The new WE-HP10 is a powerful headphone set that comes packed with amazing features at an unmatched price. This 4 in 1 device is packed with more features than you can imagine. Become the life of the party or enjoy your me-time the classic way with these irreplaceable headsets.

Considering all the functionalities that these headphones have to offer, we believe that this is a great catch for the price at which it comes. Order your new WOW WE-HP10 headphones today at a discounted price of only $89!

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