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Six Tips for Your E bike battery

Your e bike battery is what keeps things running. A good battery can help you ride longer distances, at a faster pace, and fly up hills and tough terrain. That’s because the motors, pedal assists and other components need that juice to give you an enjoyable riding experience. Sadly, e bike batteries can degrade over time. But on the bright side, there are ways to maintain healthy battery life. So, without a further ado, here are the six tips for improving your battery.

Don’t overcharge your e bike battery

A common, not to mention cringe-worthy, mistake e bike riders do is that they charge the battery for far too long! Leaving it on charge for many hours degrades its life. Typically, charging the battery from zero to full takes between three to seven hours, depending on the model you’re using. This also applies to our WOW Electric Bikes. You should only charge the battery for the number of hours the product specifications or manual mentions. Usually, e bike battery chargers use red and green light indicators. So, to not ruin it, remove the charger as soon as you see a green light.

Use the battery and charger that came with your WOW electric bike

Although this may sound like a sellout, just bear with us for a little. Using the e bike battery and charger that came with your WOW e bike, or any other branded e bike, is an important step to take when improving its life.

Using third-party batteries or charges can result in worsening its life. Why? It’s because each charger has different charging rates. And each battery has its own capacity. Switching to third-party products could possibly mean charging your battery way too fast which can cause it to overheat, leading to permanent damage. Stick to the same battery and charger! Even if you’re not using our e bikes.

Don’t keep it hot and cold, just keep it cool

Considering Canada gets very cold in the winter, you should avoid taking your e bike in areas where temperatures are less than -20 degrees Celsius. Also, when you’re not riding, store your e bike and its battery together in a clean, dry, room temperature environment. If your garage is not an ideal place, then take off the e bike’s battery and take it to your room. Make sure it stays away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, dirt and debris. Plug the battery back whenever you want to ride again.

Travel with care

We’re not telling you to shorten your travel distances. Ride as long as you want. But, if you want to ride it in a special place, far away, then make sure you take your e bike with you and handle it with care.

When you strap your ride to a bike rack, or place it in the back of your pickup truck, detach the battery to avoid the risk of it getting damaged by harsh temperatures, dirt, debris or liquid. Store it inside your vehicle and when you reach your favourite place, plug it back on the e bike. This will help you safeguard your e bike battery.

Avoid puddles

Puddles don’t only emerge during a snowy or rainy season; you might also see them due to blocked drainages, sewers or standing water. There are many reasons why puddles happen. The point is that you should stay alert and avoid riding on them. The splash caused by your bike’s tires can reach the battery. This can damage the electric internals inside the battery and any electric shocks happening can impact the performance of your e bike altogether. As harmless water may be to us, it can be a deadly hazard for your e bike battery.

Stay away from salt and saltwater

Who doesn’t love salty snacks and treats? We all do! But the same can’t be said for your battery. Salt can corrode the battery and increase electrical conductivity. We strongly advise you to avoid riding in areas where you’re likely to encounter salts, like the beach or road that got recently de-iced.

If saltwater does touch your battery, then remove the battery immediately and dry it. Also, tidy the battery tray with a clean, dry rag. Use clean water to clean the e bike’s frame and let it dry. Make sure the connections are also dried and cleaned before you slide the e bike battery back in. You can tell when the bike faced salty roads by checking for any white and chalky residue that salt leaves behind.

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