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Fly up hills and tough terrain

For the average cycling enthusiast, traditional cycling can only get you to travel short distances. You can’t really pedal up the hills without running out of energy quickly. Imagine if you add some juice to your bicycle, like an added motor assist. You’ll be able to fly up hills and tough terrain! Bicycles with an added motor assist and other features that make cycling easier are called electric bikes, e-bikes for short.

Human plus electric power equals more power!

An e-bike operates under both human power and electric power. There are three main components of an electric bike: the motor, the battery, and the sensor. They work together, so the ability to fly up hills and tough terrain becomes more natural. Each component comes with its own benefit.

The Motor

The aim of the motor is to control torque. Torque is the force that causes the wheels the rotate. To put in simple words, the more advanced your e-bike’s motor is, the more torque it offers. And the more torque it offers, the more powerful your e-bike is. That’s all you need to know when it comes to the motor.

The battery

As the name suggests, e-bikes come with batteries. They provide the juice for the components to keep running. On average, the charging time of the battery is five to six hours. It’s convenient to charge your e-bike because it’s like charging your laptop or smartphone. With one charge, standard e-bikes can last for 100-120 kilometers. You can increase the distance by investing in an e-bike model that has a high-end battery. The better the battery is, the higher its capacity, the longer the distance the e-bike can ride.

The sensor

Two sensors are placed on an e-bike. One is called the speed sensor, the other is called the torque sensor. The speed sensor tells the motor to give you that extra “oomph” as soon as you start pedaling. The torque sensor tries to match your speed when you’re moving, thus making the e-bike easier to handle and more responsive to your maneuvers.

Our best offer!

Of course, each specific model comes with additional features. Some will have an LCD touch screen, wider tires, better suspension, etc. You should visit here to check out the different e-bike models we offer.

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