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Which camera is best for home security?

We all want to have the peace of mind, whether during sleep or going abroad for vacation. The problem is that we’re concerned for our safety and our families’ security as well. Considering the news we usually read or hear, home security is perhaps the thing we’re all asking. And what better way to respond to this question than to buying security cameras for home.

Fortunately, our store offers wireless cameras for home security. If you’re thinking to buy them, click here. Otherwise, read the rest of this blog as we share with you the importance of having security cameras for home and why you should consider our product – WOW SMART SECURITY CAMERA 4 CHANNELS

Why are security cameras important?

There are several reasons why having home-security cameras is important. Firstly, you can discourage criminals as the first thing they’ll keep an eye out for is being caught red-handed. In many cases, home burglars will analyze the home before robbing it, and if they spot your security cameras, they’ll probably abandon their burglary attempt.

Secondly, it helps the police in catching the culprits. Security cameras for home can record up to 3 months or more. So, even if your house gets robbed without your knowledge, chances are that you’ll easily detect the culprits' faces and pass the information down to the police. Justice will get served and hopefully, you’ll receive the stolen goods or get compensated for them from insurance benefits.

Thirdly, security cameras aren’t just for the protection of your home. They also can be used to check on your kids, family members or pets while you’re at work. With help of security cameras for home surveillance, you can always check on your loved ones by using your smartphone.

Why you should buy WOW’s Smart Security Cameras?

Not so long ago, having security cameras for home protection was expensive and difficult. However, with the help of technological advancements, more competition, and better affordability, having security cameras installed has never been easier. It’s the main reason why we named our security cameras “smart security cameras”. Our product includes these key features that make them one of the best cameras for home security. 

No ugly power cables!

Our cameras support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection so you don’t need to run power cables. And speaking of cables, you don’t need to connect them to a TV or a personal computer. You can access the recording over cloud and monitor your home by using your smartphone.

Four is better than three

You probably heard salesmen saying that two is better than one. Well, we pitch that four is better than three. If you place your order, you’ll receive four security cameras at one price, helping you cover the perimeter of your house. Perhaps this is one of the most important features that make having security cameras for home more value-for-money.

Huge storage for high-resolution footage

The quad of cameras can stream at a high resolution – 2048 x 1296 – making it easier for you to detect things. The videos can compress while retaining the quality and taking up less storage, making the 500GB hard drive almost limitless. It can store more than 3+ months of recording. Speaking of quality, the cameras also have night vision, motion detection and are certified IP66 resistance, making them perfect for unfavourable outdoor conditions such as heat, snow and rain.

The cherry on top…

Our smart security cameras come with six months of warranty. So, if your cameras do get damaged, no worries. We’ll get it repaired for you or replace it with new ones! You can check out more of its features here.

How to buy our security cameras for home?

Go to wowentertainmentforlife and click on “all products” and look for our security cameras. To make things easier, you can hover over all products and click on the security camera in the list. To make things even easier, go to our website and click on the search bar, and type security camera. 

After clicking on the product, choose your order quantity and then "add to cart". Then check out, fill in the rest of the details and you’re good to go! Buy our smart security cameras for home and get the peace of mind you deserve.
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