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NCM Milano Electric Bike Review

Along with the range of WOW Electric Bikes, we also offer you high-quality but affordable NCM electric bikes. The best NCM e-bike we recommend is the Milano Electric City Bike. If you’re already interested in buying an e-bike from a reputable brand such as NCM, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explain why this particular e-bike is worth your money.

What is NCM Electric Bikes?

NCM Electric Bikes is owned by a German company based in Hanover called Leon Cycle GmbH. The ncm ebike are designed in Germany and manufactured in China.

NCM Moscow M3 Electric Mountain Bike. E-Bike. 500W, E-MTB,48 V 13AH. 576WH Battery


Why Milano Electric City Bike?

The Milano is made to ride as elegant as it looks. It has a durable structure that consists of an aluminum frame, adjustable handlebar and seat to achieve utmost comfort. The sturdy yet comfy ncm ebike also has a number of features that make it the “best of ‘em all”.

Features of NCM Milano Electric Bike

X15 geared hub motor

The Milano Electric City Bike has the X15 geared rear hub motor, which is the centrepiece of this e-bike. The 250-Watt electric motor made its name due to its high torque output giving the rider a high speed of 15.5mph. The high power doesn’t mean it’s too much to handle for the average ncm ebike rider. The durability of the rear motor makes the bike easy to handle as it can maintain above-average speeds for long trips.

Small, but a lotta juice!

The Milano Electric City Bike doesn’t have a typical bulky battery pack installed. Instead, the battery is integrated inside the down-tube of the e-bike, hence giving the ncm ebike a sleek look. This innovation isn’t just intended for elegancy. It adds stability to the e-bike.

Its total capacity is 624wh (watt-hours) giving you an average range of around 40-50 miles. Also, did we mention that it also comes with USB charging ports for smart devices? That’s right, you can charge your smartphone on the go. 

Full-functional control panel display

The Milano comes with an LCD display that gives you all the necessary info you would expect from a typical e-bike display, including journey time and mileage. The Milano Electric City Bike has 6 levels of pedal-assist, so you can adjust the power output that fits your ride.

Excellent build quality of ncm ebike

While being inspired by innovative designs and fashionable trends, NCM never compromises on functionality and safety. Milano’s Tektro mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors add more control for the rider, and pressing the brake levers turns off the motor to ensure a safe riding experience. The battery gives power to the front and rear lights giving it another level of safety – especially when riding under less visible conditions. Finally, the cables are internally routed giving them a minimalistic finish and also protection for them.

Built for comfort

The components used in the Milano Electric City Bike ensure a comfortable ride, even for longer distances. The Schwalbe touring tires, Suntour front suspension, adjustable handlebar and seat, and the Shimano 7-Speed gears all work in unison giving the rider a unique experience in riding.

Is The NCM Milano Electric Bike your best choice?

Although all the e-bikes we have to offer are very well received by our customers, we still highly recommend the Milano Electric City Bike. It’s usually rare to see something of high quality that’s also within your budget. According to Milano users, riding it was a “revelation”! The cushiony seat and the quiet X-15 motor make the ride therapeutic, to say the least. That’s a lot for a value-for-money e-bike. If these are the features you’re looking for, then the Milano may possibly your perfect match. Order the e-bike now by clicking here.


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