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WOW TVHub 1080p HD Media Box
WOW TVHub 1080p HD Media Box
IPTV BOX CORE FEATURES Robust Linux-based OS  User-friendly interface  750MHZ Fast Processor  Full HD video display  Extended IR remote control with quick access buttons  Fast streaming with Wi-Fi and Ethernet Connections  H.265 decoding technology for lag-free streaming  Clear, crisp, and real sound ...
WOW Hera 4K UHD Media Streaming Android Box
POWERFUL PERFORMANCE FEATURES Sleek Android 9.0 OS Unmatched memory performance with 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM Seamless, blazing-fast internet connectivity using Dual-Wifi and Ethernet STATE OF THE ART CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS This Media Box has all the ports you will ever need packed...
WOW TVPlus Pro 4K/8K UHD Media Streaming Android Box
Disclaimer WOW Media Entertainment only sells the hardware equipment and does not own, operate, distribute, host, or associate with any streaming service, nor have access to any servers or entity involved in telecasting/indexing media of any kind.It is not legal...
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