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Fiat 500 U2 Motor 350w - Battery 36v , 7.5Ah
$699.00 $425.00

350W/500W (Peak)


36V, 7.5Ah

265 lbs

8.5” x 2 in

Fiat 500 U2 Motor 350w - Battery 36v , 7.5Ah
Fiat 500 U2 8.5" Brand New 1 Year Frame And 6 Months Motor And Battery  Wheel Foldable Electric Scooter A BETTER WAY TO GET AROUND – Capable of a max speed of 15.5 mph, our 350W Fiat 500 U2 electric scooter...
$699.00 $425.00

Feel The Freedom With A Fiat E-Scooter

Let's Ride Into The Future, Together With Fiat and fiat mini E-scooter. Ready to make your ride adventurous? electrify your life with fiat and fiat mini e-scooters. Welcome to a world where convenience and eco-consciousness coexist, style and innovation combine, and ride excitement has no limits. Join us as we proudly present the FIAT E-SCOOTER, a performance powerhouse, a marvel of Italian design, and a shining example of sustainability as we usher in the future of urban mobility. Prepare yourself for an encounter that will be both exciting and unique. This is a revolution, a way of life, and more than just a scooter. Discover the incredible FIAT E-SCOOTER with us. 

Fiat mini - Small in Size, Big on Style!

Types of Fiat Escooters

  • fiat 500 electric canada
  • Fiat Folding Electric Scooter

Features Of Fiat E-Scooter

The fiat electric scooter is a stylish and innovative electric scooter designed for urban commuting.Here are some typical characteristics you might anticipate finding in a FIAT E-SCOOTER, though precise features may differ based on the model and version:

Effortless Mobility, Eco-Friendly Speed.

Iconic fiat mini Design: The FIAT E-SCOOTER has a sleek and fashionable appearance thanks to its distinctive FIAT brand aesthetics and design.

Electric Motor: It is propelled cleanly and effectively by an electric motor. The electric motor operates without producing any fumes and in silence.

Long-lasting Battery: A high-capacity lithium-ion battery that powers the scooter for a significant distance on a single charge powers it. Model and battery size variations may occur in the precise range.

Smart Connectivity: A specialised smartphone app is included with a lot of fiat mini E-SCOOTER models, enabling users to monitor and manage their scooter. Features like ride history, anti-theft safeguards, and GPS monitoring might be included in this app.

Top Speed: Depending on local laws and the particular model, fiat mini E-SCOOTER models' top speeds typically range from 15 to 30 miles per hour (24 to 48 km per hour).

Portable and Lightweight: Because of their foldable and lightweight designs, these scooters are simple to transport and store in small areas when not in use.

LED Lighting: Frequently incorporated into the scooter's design, LED lights offer nighttime riding visibility and improve visibility for other road users.

LCD Display: A lot of the models have an LCD display that provides vital data including trip statistics, battery life, and speed.

Braking System: FIAT E-SCOOTER typically comes equipped with a reliable braking system, which may include disc brakes or regenerative braking technology to improve safety.

Suspension: Some models feature suspension systems, enhancing ride comfort by absorbing shocks from rough or uneven terrain.

Benefits of E-scooters

Whether electric or classic kick scooters, scooters have many advantages for individuals and communities. The following are a few of the main benefits of riding a scooter:

Environmentally Friendly: Scooters, particularly electric scooters, emit extremely little or no emissions. Riding a scooter instead of a gas-powered car contributes to a cleaner environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Cost-Effective: Compared to vehicles or motorbikes, scooters are usually less expensive to buy and operate. They are a financially sensible form of transportation because they have far reduced fuel and maintenance expenses.

Efficiency: Fiat mini scooters are frequently a good choice for short- to medium-distance commuting. They can save you time and lessen the stress of your journey by assisting you in more effectively navigating through dense urban traffic.

Parking: Scooters are small and easy to maneuver, making them ideal for finding parking in crowded urban areas. Many cities have designated scooter parking areas, making it even more convenient.

Low Maintenance: Electric scooters, in particular, have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance compared to gas-powered vehicles. This means lower maintenance costs and less time spent on repairs.

Reduced Congestion: Scooters take up less space on the road, reducing traffic congestion in urban areas. This can lead to smoother traffic flow and shorter travel times for all commuters.

Health Benefits: Traditional kick scooters demand leg movement and balance, so they provide a physical exercise option. Scooter riding is an enjoyable method to maintain an active lifestyle and enhance your cardiovascular health.

Easy to Learn: Scooters are a relatively easy vehicle for a variety of people to use, including kids and senior citizens. Features that improve safety and use are frequently included on electric scooters, such as brakes and variable speed settings.

Flexibility: Scooters can be used for a variety of purposes. For a smooth multi-modal journey, they can be used in conjunction with other modes of transportation like buses or trains.

Community Benefits: Scooters can reduce the demand for parking spaces and contribute to a more efficient use of urban space. They also reduce noise pollution compared to many motorized vehicles.

Reduced Wear and Tear on Roads: Compared to heavier vehicles, scooters are lighter and less disruptive to the road infrastructure, which saves cities money on road maintenance.

Fun and Freedom: Taking a scooter for a ride may be a lot of fun. With the wind in your hair, you can explore your surroundings and feel a sense of freedom.

Economic Benefits: Using scooters can result in lower expenses for parking, fuel, and auto maintenance. People and communities may benefit economically from these savings.

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