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What are the benefits of a ring light?

Searching for the right amount of light has never got more convenient due to a simple, yet useful piece of tech called the Ring Light. People use it mainly for taking detailed photos and shooting videos. But that doesn’t mean that the ring has limited uses. The ring light has numerous benefits that can help you decide buying ring lights in Canada.

If you’re aware of them and are looking to buy one, click here. But, if you want to learn more about ring lights then you’ve come to the right place as we give you the reasons to have one.

A money saver

If you're passionate about photography or videography, then ring lights in Canada can help you follow your passion. There used to be a perception that having an expensive camera is the way to go. However, that's not the case anymore.

Due to the affordability of technology, even budget smartphones have decent cameras. What's missing is the lack of software that can brighten up the videos and the photos. That's where the ring light comes in handy. Ring lights allow your photos and videos to have that professional finish. Buying one will probably help you save up to thousands of dollars.

But how's it different from having a regular light?

Before you ask this question, bear with us. The word light can be perceived as just an ordinary light bulb or lamp. That's why it's common that ring lights can also be thought the same. Of course, that isn't true.

Ring lights in Canada, are just as functional as they are minimalistic in design. Let's say you want to take an aesthetically pleasing photo of a flower. You want to make sure you capture all the details in the photo and ensure that no dark spaces left. That's where the ring comes into use. The ring structure allows the light to be directed at the flower, thus covering all angles. The large hole in the middle allows you to take the photo without obstructing the path of the light. This also helps you take close-up pictures of objects, so you don't have to buy expensive and professional DSLR cameras.

Video production like a pro

When using ring lights as the main source of lighting for a commercial, or a TikTok video, these lights produce an attractive halo shadow that makes the subject of the video stand out. This gives the video a dramatic and professional look for filming.

You can also add more to your videos by generating colour effects. You can do so by switching the regular white light with different coloured lights, by applying coloured gels or tinted sheets of transparent paper. Using this method is actually a lot better than just simply using a filter on your smartphone.

Doing makeup

Ring lights can give enough light that is perfect for applying makeup thoroughly. It's especially helpful during an overcast day or when natural light isn't available. Most ring lights can produce a daylight colour temperature of about 5400k. In fact, if you aspire to be a makeup influencer and post videos of you applying new makeup techniques, then the ring light is the perfect solution for you. If you're looking for ring lights in Canada, then visit our shop here.

Why buy our ring light?

The product we offer is the WOW 10-inch LED ring light that comes with a 50-inch extendable tripod. It gives lighting in a colour temperature of up to 5700k, with ten brightness levels giving you ample functionality. It’s big enough to light a whole area, as well as enrichening your facial expression helping you take the perfect portrait pictures for your Instagram account.

Also, it comes with a wireless Bluetooth remote. The remote can allow you to take pictures from your smartphone camera, without having to move. What comes with it is a 10.2-inch ring light, a floor tripod stand, desk tripod stand, metal ball head, Bluetooth remote, phone holder and a user manual. We also gave directions on how to use our product in this link.

If you’re in search for high-quality ring lights in Canada, then visit our store here.

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