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How to choose android tv box

Are you tired of looking at your old, out-dated television all day long? Wouldn’t you want a TV with the latest 8k resolution technology, voice control, movies on demand, mobile connectivity, gaming capability, and more of your favorite applications like YouTube? The WOW Android TV WE-STA300D media streaming box has all that! Featuring an Android 9.0 pie OS, support for 8K HDR resolution (the best there is!), dual-band Wi-Fi and bluetooth, 4GB RAM, 32 GB storage, a Quad core CPU, Google Assistant support, and wireless mobile screen mirroring, this streaming box is as fast and furious as they come!

Android - Hera | WE-STA300D (s905x3 - 4Gb/32GB)

You don’t need to break the bank and buy yourself a new television set. We have an offering with value so good you can’t just look away from. The WOW Android TV WE-STA300D set-top box is what your TV needs to compete with televisions of today. Whether it is gaming, streaming music, watching movies on your favorite OTT platform, or simply watching TV in the old fashioned way; the WOW Android TV has got you covered. You know what’s sweeter? It only costs $125 to get the WE-STA300D to breathe new life into your TV.

The WE-STA300D will give you the television experience that you could only dream of with your old TV set. It makes your TV a whole lot smarter with the built-in voice remote control Google Assistant. Want to watch a title on Netflix, but you’re too lazy to even search for it? Don’t worry, your Google Assistant is there at your beck and call. Just sit back and relax! It comes with Android 9 pie so you don’t miss out on any latest updates from your favourite apps and always stay current. Thrusted with the power of a quad core processor, you can perform all your tasks within the blink of an eye. The 4GB RAM ensures a smooth multitasking experience on your television. Moreover, there’s 32GB of internal storage; so, there’s always space for your favourite applications. Want to finish that last episode of Friends that you’ve been watching on your mobile phone on a bigger screen, the Wireless Mirror option of WE-STA300D has got you covered. Plus, the 8K HDR support brings out true to life colors that you never even knew were there. In short, the WOW Android TV set-top box converts your ordinary television into the Smart TV of your dreams.

Android - Hera | WE-STA300D (s905x3 - 4Gb/32GB)

Why should you get the Android box tv (Hera)?

The ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) is the perfect match for anyone who is tired of being stuck with their old television and does not want to break the bank on a new Android TV. It runs on the user-friendly Android 9 Pie and comes with the voice controlled Google Assistant built-in. If you are stuck with your old television that only lets you watch selected channels with poor picture quality, the WOW Android TV will provide you with an unparalleled TV watching experience that you could only imagine. What makes it such a good deal is that it comes at an unbelievably low price of $125.

Android box tv (Hera) Features

The ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) equips your television set with all the bells and whistles of the latest Smart TV. It is like adding a supercar engine to an ordinary sedan. A few of the amazing features of the ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) are as follows: 

  • 8K HDR Support

The ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) features an 8K HDR support media player that brings out true to life colors and makes media consumption an immersive experience like never before. Whatever you’re watching, you’ll feel like you’re in the scene. The color reproduction is vivid and accurate with the industry leading 8K video resolution and the contrasts are as they should be. In short, the 8K HDR support is nothing short of the actual scene that you see with your own eyes.

  • Gorgeous LED Display

The WOW Android TV set-top box comes with a gorgeous LED display making no compromises on the look and feel of the set-top box. It blends right in with all your gorgeous furniture and gives your TV a very modern feel.   (Incomplete sentence)

  • Quad Core CPU

The ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) comes equipped with a powerful Quad core processor clocked at 2.0 GHz. This ensures that there are no compromises on the performance of the set-top box. Whether it is conjuring up the assistant or switching from one source to another, the Quad core processor does not miss a beat and delivers top-notch performance.

  • Internal Storage and RAM

The WOW Android TV set-top box is equipped with an ample RAM of 4GB and an internal storage of 32GB. When combined, both deliver seamless switching between apps and ample storage to install all your favorite supported apps without ever worrying about space running out.

  • Android 9.0 Pie

The WOW Android TV set-top box comes with Android 9.0 Pie out of the box. So, whatever your favorite Android apps are, you can install and enjoy them. Moreover, the added features to Android 9.0 make the user experience even more delightful. Giving you the true essence of a Smart TV.

  • Google Assistant

One of the major highlights of the ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) is the support for Google Assistant. It is what makes this set-top box truly a smart one. The Google Assistant can either be enabled from the dedicated button on the remote or it can recognize your voice and be woken up by just saying “Hey Google!”. This makes the whole experience of a Smart TV truly handsfree. You can use the same Google account on all your devices and synchronize all your updates across all your devices. To benefit from this feature, an optional remote is required; however, we believe that it’s a totally worthy investment.

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support

To make your TV integrate seamlessly with all your other smart devices, the WOW Android TV set-top box comes with added support for bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi can support fast internet speeds to always keep you connected and Bluetooth 4.0 provides seamless connectivity with your bluetooth enabled devices.

  • Wireless Mirror

The wireless mirror feature of the ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) enables you to continue watching your favorite titles on your TV screen. You can also project your laptop or mobile phone’s screen to your TV set for a more immersive viewing experience. The wireless mirror function is particularly useful when you want to show people content from your personal device without ever handing them the device. This way content sharing becomes much easier and you’re always in control.

  • Ports

The ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) comes with two USB ports: 1 with USB 3.0 and 1 with USB 2.0. Therefore, you can also expect fast and seamless wired connections with the supported devices. Moreover, there are also ports for HDMI, SPDIF, Mini SD Slot, AV, IR Extender to make sure you can make all wired connections that you want to.

  • Compatibility With Other Products

As a cherry on top, the ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) is also compatible with our other products like MIniKeyboard, Air Mouse, etc. So, whenever you feel like converting your TV to some sort of a mini PC, you can do so easily.

What is inside the box?

The ANDROID BOX TV (HERA)’s package contains:

  • Set-top Box
  • IR/Voice remote control (optional)
  • Power Supply
  • HD Data cable
  • User Manual

Once you have unpacked the device, you should go through the user manual to understand the installation process. Connect the power supply and connect the set-top box with your television. Once you have completed the setup, you are ready to start enjoying your new Android TV experience.

Who should buy the ANDROID BOX TV (HERA)?

If you are a person who values a good 360 degree media consumption method, the ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) is the perfect fit for you. With the ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) you can not only convert your normal TV into an Android TV, but you can also save big on the bucks. Whether you want to enjoy exclusive Netflix titles or watch normal cable channels, the picture quality and versatility of the ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) along with the $125 price tag make it a deal too good to shy away from.

Android - Hera | WE-STA300D (s905x3 - 4Gb/32GB)

Where can you buy ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) from?

You can get your hands on this amazing set top box by ordering it from the WOW Entertainment website. The ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) costs only $125 plus shipping and at this price it is definitely a steal. The features that you get for this price make it an offer too hard to resist and an absolute bang for your buck. You can give it as a gift to your loved ones or buy it for your kids who have been asking for an Android TV for so long. Moreover, if you have any old TV that you cannot just part ways with, you can buy this set top box to at least make that TV a complete entertainment beast.

Android - Hera | WE-STA300D (s905x3 - 4Gb/32GB)

How is the ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) better than its competitors?

At this price point, nothing even comes close to beating the ANDROID BOX TV (HERA). It boasts a modern design with an elegant LED display that makes it a welcome addition to your entertainment system. The inclusion of Google Assistant not only makes it a whole lot easier to use, but it also enables it to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your devices. The ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) runs on Android 9.0 Pie which offers an intuitive way to control your Android TV and also makes sure you don’t miss out on any of your favorite entertainment apps.

In short, the ANDROID BOX TV (HERA) is in a league of its own with its amazing features and consumer friendly price tag.

Summary of Pros and Cons

Here is a pro-con list for your better judgement and to help you in your decision making process!


  • Modern Design Language
  • Android 9.0 pie
  • Support for 8K HDR
  • Google Assistant
  • Budget friendly
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support
  • Quad core CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB internal storage
  • Wireless Mirror
  • Support for all major port types


  • The 32GB internal storage can seem a little insufficient at times.
  • Only one USB 3.0 port.
  • No bluetooth 5.0.
  • Need a compatible 8K TV to view 8K content.



The WOW Android TV set-top box is a budget friendly set-top box that punches above its weight with features like Google Assistant and support for 8K HDR. For the price tag of $125 it is an offer too hard to pass and the modern design language makes it a welcome addition to your house.

If you are on a budget and want to get that latest Android TV experience, look no further and get your hands on the ANDROID BOX TV (HERA).

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