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Narwal T10 Robot (Open Box)

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Clean Your House With Narwal Robot's Advanced Dual-Functionality and Smart Features!

The narwal robot is a ground-breaking invention in the rapidly developing field of robotics, especially when it comes to automated cleaning technology. This intelligent cleaning system, created by narwal robotics, marks a major advancement in effectiveness, versatility, and user convenience. 

The narwal robot vacuum cleaner has a rounded body, a laser turret on top, and a sensor integrated into the front bumper, similar to its carpet-cleaning competitors. On the bottom, there are two drive wheels, an omnidirectional wheel, cliff sensors, and a vacuum inlet. However, instead of the roller and spin brushes seen on most ecovacs robot vacuum, the Narwal includes a pair of studs to which you may attach either a sweeping or mopping module, depending on the job. 

Cleaning technology

The narwal robot is different from other robotic vacuum cleaners since it is outfitted with the latest cleaning technologies. Because of its dual functionality, which combines mopping and vacuuming capabilities, users may accomplish an effective and complete cleaning experience. The robot cleverly adapts to diverse surfaces and modifies its cleaning procedures accordingly, ensuring the best results on various types of flooring.

Navigating System

One of the narwal robot's distinguishing qualities is its excellent navigation system. The robot uses artificial intelligence algorithms to map and navigate its surroundings with astonishing precision. This not only improves cleaning productivity, but also reduces the possibility of accidents and entanglements with obstructions, making it an excellent solution for homes with complex layouts.

Self Cleaning Mechanism

The narwal robot features a unique self-cleaning system that overcomes a frequent problem encountered by many standard robotic vacuum cleaners unclean mop water. Narwal's revolutionary design features a self-cleaning station, as opposed to traditional models that utilize the same water throughout the cleaning cycle. This station guarantees a constantly hygienic and efficient cleaning performance by automatically washing and sterilizing the mop.

User Friendly Interface

The narwal robot effortlessly connects with a user-friendly mobile app, giving homeowners a simple and straightforward interface for controlling and monitoring the gadget. The software allows users to schedule cleaning sessions, set cleaning modes, and receive real-time status information. The Narwal robot's networking features represent the union of cutting-edge technology and user convenience.

Long Lasting Battery

Efficiency includes not only cleaning skills but also long-term performance. The narwal robot has an exceptional battery life, allowing it to traverse wider regions with a single charge. The robot's effective power management mechanism guarantees that it may accomplish its cleaning responsibilities without frequent interruptions, making it a dependable and time-saving domestic assistant.

Narwal robots launches its new model of t10 which has new and amazing functions and features.

Functions of Narwal Robot


The Narwal T10's principal function is likely to be its powerful vacuuming capabilities, which will successfully remove dust, dirt, and debris from diverse surfaces.


The T10 may include a mopping mode, which allows it to wet or damp mop floors to remove sticky or tenacious stains.

Dual functionality:

The T10, like other narwal models, may have dual functionality, combining vacuuming and mopping capabilities in a single device for a more comprehensive cleaning experience.

Intelligent navigation:

Advanced navigation systems with sensors and mapping technologies may allow the narwal robot to navigate more effectively, avoid obstructions, and establish an optimal cleaning path.

Self cleaning:

The new narwal robot comes with a self cleaning system. The T10 may include a self-cleaning station, where the robot may automatically dock to clean and disinfect its mop, ensuring a sanitary cleaning procedure.

Mobile app:

The Narwal T10's connectivity with a smartphone app allows for remote control and monitoring. The app lets users schedule cleaning sessions, change settings, and receive real-time notifications.

Adaptive cleaning mode:

The device may include adaptive cleaning modes that allow it to alter its cleaning procedures according to the type of flooring it encounters, ensuring excellent performance on a variety of surfaces.

Voice control:

Some modern robotic vacuum and mop systems, such as the Narwal T10, may include voice control functions, allowing users to operate the device with virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Pros of robotic vacuum


Narwal robots provide hands-free cleaning, allowing customers to plan cleaning sessions and keep their environment clean with no effort.

Time saver:

Automated cleaning can save time and effort when compared to manual vacuuming and mopping.

Smart feature:

Many robotic devices have smart capabilities like app control, voice controls, and interaction with smart home ecosystems to increase convenience.

Mapping technology:

Advanced models employ mapping technology to navigate effectively, generating optimized cleaning paths while avoiding obstructions.

Dual functionality:

Models that combine vacuuming and mopping operations offer a thorough cleaning solution for many types of floors. Dual functionality saves money as you only have to buy only 1 robot vacuum. 

Self charging:

Most robotic devices can autonomously return to their charging stations when their batteries run low, ensuring that they are always ready for the next cleaning session.

Cons of robot vacuum


High-quality robotic machines with advanced functionality can be more expensive than standard vacuum cleaners.


Regular maintenance is required, which includes emptying dustbins, cleaning filters, and, in some circumstances, replacing mop components.

Limited capacity:

Robotic devices typically have a smaller dustbin or water tank capacity than their traditional counterparts, necessitating more frequent emptying or refilling.

Stairs and obstacles:

Stairs and other sudden level changes can be difficult for robotic devices to navigate, and they can become trapped on obstructions or cables.

Not suitable for all surfaces:

Some models may not work well with particular carpets or rugs, limiting their usefulness in a variety of residential settings.

Initial setup:

Setting up the gadget, including docking stations and virtual barriers, may require some time and adjustment to maximize the cleaning area.


The Narwal robot represents a significant advance in robotic cleaning technology. It has successfully carved out a market niche for itself because of its dual purpose, clever navigation system, self-cleaning mechanism, user-friendly app interface, and long battery life. As technology advances, the Narwal robot demonstrates the potential for merging creativity and pragmatism to improve people' daily lives. It surely sets a new benchmark for automated cleaning solutions and has the potential to change home standards worldwide.

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Narwal T10 Robot (Open Box)
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