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YADEA KS5 PRO Open box

$895.00 $595.00
Motor:Rated Power 500W, Max Power 700W
Battery: 36V 15.6AH lithium battery
Charging Time: Approx 8h
Max Range:UPTO 59KM*
Bluetooth App :Smart App And Multi-Functional Control
Tire: 10" Solid Tires
Shock Absorber: Front
Light : 1x led headlight / 1x rear brake light / 4x permanent reflectors
Brakes: ECBS Triple Braking System
Mode : 3 Speed mode
Max Load: 110kg (242 lb)
Bike Weight:17.19kg

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Yadea Ks5 Pro: High-Performance Electric Mobility

The need for easy, economical, and sustainable forms of transportation is greater than ever in this era of fast urbanization. Urban commuters increasingly choose electric scooters as a clean, environmentally beneficial substitute for conventional cars. Of them all, the yadea ks5 pro is a cutting-edge option to revolutionize urban travel. 

You are not looking at your average, throwaway electric scooter for adults canada when you look at the yadea ks5 Pro. Yadea, China's top producer of electric scooters, has painstakingly designed this scooter to offer remarkable features, performance, and affordability. 

Overview of Yadea ks5 Pro:

Yadea is a major global brand in electric mobility solutions, and its flagship product is the ks5 pro electric scooter. The ks5 pro, which is the result of years of research and development, combines ergonomic design with modern technology to provide an unparalleled riding experience. Designed to meet the changing needs of contemporary urban commuters, this electric scooter prioritizes performance, safety, and sustainability.

Key Features of Ks5 Pro

Heavy Moter:

A powerful electric motor that can give remarkable acceleration and speed powers the yadea ks5 pro. With its modern motor technology, riders may go through urban areas with ease and at the lowest possible energy usage.

Long Lasting Battery:

The long-lasting lithium-ion battery of the ks5 pro is one of its best characteristics. Commuters can travel further between charges thanks to the extended range on a single charge. This improves convenience and makes it easier for people to handle their everyday commutes.

Smart Connectivity:

The yadea ks5 pro differs from its rivals because of the incorporation of smart connectivity technologies. Riders can receive real-time data, trace their journey, check the state of the battery, and alter ride settings using a specialized mobile app. Users benefit from more convenience and control as well as an improved overall riding experience thanks to this seamless communication.

Safety Features:

Urban commuting requires a high level of safety, and the ks5 pro has several safeguards to protect riders. Yadea has placed a high priority on safety advancements, such as regenerative braking technology and anti-lock brake systems (ABS), to reduce dangers and boost rider confidence while driving.

Comfortable Design:

Comfort for riders is a priority in the design of the yadea ks5 pro. Its cushioned seat, adjustable handlebars, and comfortable shape provide the best support for long rides. The scooter's sleek and contemporary style further enhances its allure, making it a fashionable option for city commuters.

Why Ks5 Pro stands out

Impressive Speed:

For most users, cruising at 22 mph (35 km/h) is an exhilarating experience provided by the ks5 pro. With this speed, riders can cover long distances in a short time. If an electric scooter has a good speed it is considered good because nowadays, people are focusing on more speed with low consumption of oil. Yadeo Ks5 pro electric scooter has better speed as compared to other models. 

Generous battery capacity:

This scooter has an outstanding range thanks to its battery capacity of over 550Wh. Yadea advertises a range of up to 37 miles, but in practice, top speed may only get you about 25 miles. Slower city riding, though, might get it closer to the stated range.

Thoughtful Lighting:

Although the rear tail light in the shape of the Yadea logo provides a charming touch, the high-mounted brilliant headlight ensures visibility to other road users. This is a plus point in any electric scooter because having a good light inside the model saves you from many mishaps. Lighting is very essential in vehicles as it helps you in driving during night times. Without light you can not drive at night or you could have an accident. 

Solid Tires:

Ks5 has larger tires that reduce vibration during your regular drive by easily handling tiny potholes and cracks in the sidewalk. Yadea ks5 pro has 10 inches of solid tires. These tires help you to drive in rural areas or rocky surfaces without the fear of busting. 

Front Suspension:

The front suspension fork, even though it's not luxurious, greatly enhances comfort on difficult terrain. It will make a big difference when you find yourself on a brick walkway or other high-vibration surface, though, as it is undoubtedly better than nothing. In those cases, the spring fork significantly reduces ride tremors.


In addition to the comfort of a front drum brake and a rear mechanical disc brake, you also have motor braking from the rear wheel motor and rapid and responsive braking. You frequently hardly need to lift the brake lever to activate the motor braking before the brake pads since it is stronger than you anticipated, allowing you to further extend the maintenance time between replacements of brake pads and cables.

Yadea ks5 pro price is affordable as compared to its features. In line with international initiatives to tackle climate change and encourage environmentally conscious living, the yadea ks5 pro supports a move toward sustainable transportation practices. There is a noticeable influence on lowering dependency on fossil fuels and encouraging more environmentally friendly commuter practices as more people accept electric scooters as an efficient form of urban transportation.

Impact on Urban Environment

Urban mobility and sustainability will be significantly impacted by the release of the yadea ks5 pro. This electric scooter helps to lessen air pollution and carbon emissions in urban areas by providing a zero-emission substitute for traditional automobiles. Additionally, riders can move through traffic jams more quickly and easily thanks to its small size and agility, which helps to relieve traffic jams and encourage smoother traffic flow.


To sum up, the yadea ks5 pro offers a unique combination of performance, convenience, and sustainability that is a paradigm change in urban commuting. With its innovative characteristics, smart connection, and focus on comfort and safety, this electric scooter meets the changing demands of contemporary city people. As cities continue to struggle with traffic congestion and environmental issues, cutting-edge solutions like the ks5 pro are essential to transforming urban mobility in the direction of a more efficient and clean future.
  • Motor 750w Peak - 500w Rated
  • Bluetooth App
  • Battery 36v - 15.6Ah
  • 10" Solid Tires with Front shocks
  • 50-60 KM Max Range *
  • 25-33 KM Max Speed *
  • 3 Speed Modes (6km/h, 14km/h, 20km/h) E/A (6km/h, 18km/h, 25km/h)
  • Dual Brakes: F: Drum brake R: Disc+Electric Brake
  • 5.5 hours Fast Charging
  • 220lbs Weight Load
  • IPX4 IP Rating
  • 8.5in Hollow Tires
  • *Max statistics may be impacted by temperature, load, wind speed, road conditions, and other factors


Electric Kick Scooter

With the ability to travel up to 37.2miles in a single trip, the KS5 pro is an expertly designed and powerful electric scooter with easy and smooth operation.

  • Higher Capacity BMS Battery

    Enjoy up to 37.2miles riding range in a single trip with Smart-bms batteries. kinetic energy from braking will be converted into electricity power to extend the riding range.

Multi-Functional Color LCD Display

The screen shows a speedometer, current status, Bluetooth connection, headlight status, power mode, and battery life.

  • Eco 3.7Mph

  • Standard 15.5Mph

  • Sport 21.8Mph

0.98'' Fork Shock Absorber

Effective damping and suspension against bumpy roads.

10'' Solid Tires

Innovative Hollow Honeycomb tube non-inflatable tires, 10-inches height, 2.4-inches wide. No worries about puncturing, and no need for periodic inflation.

ECBS Triple Braking System

Electric Combination Braking System includes front wheel drum brake, rear wheel disc, and electric brake.

  • Front Drum Brake

  • Rear Disc Brake

  • Electric Brake

Stay Visible From All Directions

  • 1x led headlight

  • 1x rear brake light

  • 4x permanent reflectors

Smart App And Multi-Functional Control

Connect your device to the yadea KS5 pro to get overair-control and updates to your scooter.





  • Easy to assemble

  • Climbs a max 11° hill grade

  • Large non-slip deck

  • Foldable and portable: simply fold and store in the car trunk to transport

Electric Kick Scooter KS5 pro

Enhanced power and upgraded size,with a 37.2-mile extended range—A scooter designed for ultimate comfort, maximum joy and extraordinary adventures.

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