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$895.00 $595.00
Motor:Rated Power 500W, Max Power 700W
Battery: 36V 15.6AH lithium battery
Charging Time: Approx 8h
Max Range:UPTO 59KM*
Bluetooth App :Smart App And Multi-Functional Control
Tire: 10" Solid Tires
Shock Absorber: Front
Light : 1x led headlight / 1x rear brake light / 4x permanent reflectors
Brakes: ECBS Triple Braking System
Mode : 3 Speed mode
Max Load: 110kg (242 lb)
Bike Weight:17.19kg



Electric Kick Scooter

With the ability to travel up to 37.2miles in a single trip, the KS5 pro is an expertly designed and powerful electric scooter with easy and smooth operation.

  • Higher Capacity BMS Battery

    Enjoy up to 37.2miles riding range in a single trip with Smart-bms batteries. kinetic energy from braking will be converted into electricity power to extend the riding range.

Multi-Functional Color LCD Display

The screen shows a speedometer, current status, Bluetooth connection, headlight status, power mode, and battery life.

  • Eco 3.7Mph

  • Standard 15.5Mph

  • Sport 21.8Mph

0.98'' Fork Shock Absorber

Effective damping and suspension against bumpy roads.

10'' Solid Tires

Innovative Hollow Honeycomb tube non-inflatable tires, 10-inches height, 2.4-inches wide. No worries about puncturing, and no need for periodic inflation.

ECBS Triple Braking System

Electric Combination Braking System includes front wheel drum brake, rear wheel disc, and electric brake.

  • Front Drum Brake

  • Rear Disc Brake

  • Electric Brake

Stay Visible From All Directions

  • 1x led headlight

  • 1x rear brake light

  • 4x permanent reflectors

Smart App And Multi-Functional Control

Connect your device to the yadea KS5 pro to get overair-control and updates to your scooter.





  • Easy to assemble

  • Climbs a max 11° hill grade

  • Large non-slip deck

  • Foldable and portable: simply fold and store in the car trunk to transport

Electric Kick Scooter KS5 pro

Enhanced power and upgraded size,with a 37.2-mile extended range—A scooter designed for ultimate comfort, maximum joy and extraordinary adventures.

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