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Inmotion V12 2500W Electric Unicycle ( EUC ) - High Speed
Inmotion V12 2500W Electric Unicycle ( EUC ) - High Speed

Inmotion V12 2500W Electric Unicycle ( EUC ) - High Speed

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Inmotion V12 Electric Unicycle (High Speed)


The Inmotion V12 Electric Unicycle marks InMotion's entry into the fast and powerful 100V wheel space. Able to reach speeds ~ 70 km/h (43.5 mph) in a 16 inch form factor, it gives its competitors a run for its money! Packed with a ton of features, including powerful Bluetooth speakers, a touch screen for displaying wheel stats and changing settings without the need for a companion app, ultra-customizable RGB accent lighting, adjustable pedal heights to allow for improved performance either at speed and while offroading (or somewhere in between), low and high beams to avoid blinding pedestrians, and much more, the V12 really can do it all!


Bright Head Light and RGB Ambient

Ultra bright headlight and automobile level tail-light.


Integrated Trolley Handle, Stand, and Built in Spkaers

Speakers: Built-in high volume drivers with streaming Bluetooth music playback

Packed with plenty of familiar usability features as well as some new ones, there are few things the V12 can't do. Like other wheels, it includes a trolley handle, lift switch, Bluetooth speakers, customizable RGB lights, and a V11-like kickstand for parking your wheel anywhere. However, the V12 also includes a USB-A charging port for other devices as well as a USB-C fast-charging capable port for even more power on the go, as well as auto-headlights which respond to ambient light conditions and can can be toggled between low beams, high beams, or both at the same time.

Wider 16" Tire

16" x 3" big wheels, the best solution for off-road and city riding.


Three pedal heights to suit different riding styles. 

Riders may want to choose the highest setting for maximum ground clearance, the lowest setting for maximum stability at speed, or the middle setting for a happy medium between the two.

Innovative Battery System

Two separated and collaborative batteries,  1750Wh cells, approx 99.5 miles (160km) mileage.

New Touch Screen Display

The V12 comes equipped with an industry-first touch screen which can be used to see and control everything about the wheel.