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Kids UTV 4x4 E-Car with Remote Control (Licensed)

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The WOW electric off-road UTV is ideal outdoor fun for kids. You don’t have to worry about your kids riding too fast. Or falling off. Suitable for -10 years old kids

Age suit

For kids -10 years


4 x 35W powerful motors (Front and Rear wheels)


Full suspension shocks for comfortable riding on all kind of terrain


2 x 12V (24V), 7Ah Batteries

Off Road Explorers: Kids utv Journey!

The excitement of off-roading is no longer limited to grownups in the world of outdoor adventure. Kids utv (Utility Task Vehicles) have taken the world by storm, offering children off-roaders a safe and entertaining way to explore the great outdoors. These miniature off-road vehicles are specifically developed for youngsters, providing a taste of excitement while focusing on safety and parental control.

Are your young adventurers prepared for a thrilling ride? Buckle up, because we are about to dive deep into the world of Kids utv, where the great outdoors meets infinite giggles and off-road thrills! 

Mini Marvels on Ride

Picture your child's eyes lighting up as they get into their very own small off-road car. Kids utv are like magical carpets that transport kids eletctric car to a world of adventure just in their own backyard. With brilliant colors, elegant shapes, and just the perfect amount of zing, these little marvels on wheels are sure to pique any child's interest.

Tackling Terrain with Tiny Tycoons

Utv for kids are up for any task, whether it's navigating your backyard's hilly terrain or conquering the giant mud puddles at the local park. These little powerhouses are built to handle a variety of terrains, offering your kids a taste of off-road excitement like never before. Who says exploration is only for grown-ups?

Safety First

Parents, rejoice! Kids utv includes safety elements to ensure that each experience is not only exciting but also safe. From changeable speed settings to parental controls, these small cars are designed with safety in mind. You may now relax while watching your children tackle the trails.

Off Road Safari

Kids utv will let you turn your garden into an off-road safari. Create a tiny obstacle course with cones, tunnels, and ramps to test your little daredevils. It's more than simply a ride, it's an all-out adventure right in your own neighborhood. Get ready to laugh and applaud as they make their way through the course.

Neighborhood Parade

Who needs a float when they have a Kids utv? Organize a neighborhood parade where children are able to decorate their mini-vehicles with confetti, balloons, and favorite toys. Allow the little convoy to travel through the streets, bringing joy and excitement to everyone in the neighborhood.


Take your adventure to the next level by organizing a backyard camping trip with Kids utv. Load the small utv with camping supplies, munchies, and a spirit of adventure. Watch your tiny campers make unforgettable memories under the stars while enjoying the freedom to explore their outdoor paradise.

Mini Workshop

A tiny mechanic workshop can help your children learn the fundamentals of automobile repair. Allow kids to play mechanic by checking the tires, adjusting screws, and giving their Kids utv some tlc. It's not just about the ride; it's about knowing the machines that propel them forward.

In recent years, the market has seen a rise in demand for kids utv 4x4. These 4x4 utv can also be used as learning. Your kid will learn different things through these curricular activities. 

Benefits of Kids Utv

Educational Benefits:

Beyond the pleasure of off-roading, kids utv provide a variety of educational benefits. Riding these vehicles helps children develop important motor skills such as spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination. Navigating varied terrains also helps children develop problem-solving abilities by teaching them how to adapt to the numerous challenges that off-road conditions bring.

Family Bonding:

Kids utv offers a fantastic opportunity for family connection. Parents can accompany their children on off-road experiences, making lifelong memories and enjoying the excitement of exploration. The combined experience of navigating routes, overcoming hurdles, and enjoying the great outdoors builds a sense of community among the family.

Environmental Sustainability:

With an increased emphasis on environmental conservation, kids utv are made to be environmentally friendly. Many models include electric motors, which reduce carbon emissions while also teaching children about sustainable and appropriate off-roading techniques. This emphasis on environmental care instills a sense of responsibility for nature from a young age.


The possibilities with kids utv are as boundless as a child's imagination. So, gear up, rev those motors, and get ready for some off-road fun! Whether it's a backyard safari or a neighborhood parade, these little cars will leave a trail of amazing experiences for your young adventurers. Let the joyride begin! 

Technical Specification
Title Specification
SPEED: 5-7 km speed
4 x 35W powerful motors (Front and Rear wheels)
Leather Seats: 2 Leather Seats
Batteries: 2 x 12V (24V), 7Ah Batteries
Remote: 2.4ghz parental remote control with emergency stop feature
Max Loading: Max loading capacity 40KG or 90 Lbs.
Suspension: Full suspension shocks for comfortable riding on all kind of terrain
LED front and rear lights
start: Key Start
Sound: USB, SD, MP3 sockets and adjustable volume
Age suit: Suitable for kids between 3 and 8 years old (max rider height 3 feet)
Light:  Headlight/Taillight
Max Load: Max loading capacity 40KG or 90 Lbs
Installment Plan
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Kids UTV 4x4 E-Car with Remote Control (Licensed)
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